South Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Words by Matt

We had a recent trip to my home town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire and decided to have a break from all the drinking and eating we do and get a little culture up us. The Sculpture Park is set in 500 acres of the 18th century-designed Bretton Estate a few miles outside Barnsley and features a mix of historic buildings and modern art. It was a particularly dull day which added to the ambience, as some of the exhibitions are pretty dark and twisted. 

The park features plenty of wooded areas, meadows and a lake which host various sculptures from a lot of contemporary artists.  I am not the biggest fan of modern art but when you see sculptures on this scale set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside its hard not to be taken back by the craftsmanship that has gone into creating such things. 

The Entrance to the Park

I can’t remember the artists name but the twisted body form reminds of a Francis Bacon painting

Barbara Hepworth one of Yorkshires most infamous contemporary artists

Amazing peice that looked like it was carved out of coal

This is my type of work, twisted fairy-tale creations by Sophie Ryder. Reminds of something you would see in Pans Labyrinth

Another Sophie Ryder

A surreal indoor forest

Holly’s Favourite, she is big into her toilet art

Zak Ove, definitely got a ‘through the looking glass feel’

Rock suspended

Great views from the cafe

If you’re ever in Ireland then I urge you to visit the most fucked up sculpture park in the world, it terrified us. Victors Way   

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