Words by Matt

On our way to New Zealand we had a three day stop over at one the craziest city I have ever been to, Bangkok. Holly had been 10 years previously on a bit of backpacking round South East Asia and wanted to see if anything had changed. We arrived after a night flight from the UK at 3pm local time. The taxi to the accommodation was like being in the wacky races with a thousand other drivers, really does get the blood pumping.

 The first impression was just the sheer size of the place, it’s sprawling built up areas intersected with endless roads as people hurtle through an insane amount of traffic. It’s memorising to see three people on one moped undertake a truck on a 5 lane roundabout and while narrowly dodging dozens more vehicles.  This would set the pace for a next few days. 

 We had booked into a hotel close to the lively area of Kho San road & wanted to get on with a bit of cultural exploring, eating and plenty of cocktail drinking. It was rainy season so the humidity was high which was making me and my beard look extra ‘Uncle Alberty’. Being wired from the Jet lag and 35 degree heat it was time to hit the streets and see what we could see.  Below are some images in no particular order that I captured on my Sony Mirrorless Camera or the Huawia P10 (phone).       

People love riding on top of vehicles

Feels like home already

We had a tourist day visiting the local Wat. The temple featured many golden Buddahs including a massive one located in the main hall. It was hot and sticky hell as we made our way out of the hustle of the street & behind the temple walls. The craftsmanship gone into creating these shrines and halls is so impressive and it’s pretty much located in the middle of the city.  There were plenty of local school pupils about practising their English language on us. 

Hundreds of these laying around

Not sure whats gone off with these statues

Tranquil Koi ponds are scattered about

Hard to get the scale but this thing was massive

Apperently Buddah likes change, lots if it

Food, massage and Tuk Tuk is definitely the most prevalent thing on the streets of Bangkok. The food is great, you can even get it served in pineapple. Plenty of Pad thias, curries and fried rice dishes. Hot, sweet and spicy with big bold flavours perfectly sums up the local food.    

Novel approach to plates

Not sure what these are but if anyone knows please feel free to comment

Massage parlours line the street

Supercharged go cart

The Night Life

Probably Bangkok’s most famous attribute. It comes alive at night, night markets, lady boys, street vendors, tittie bars, cocktail buckets, and plenty of people and traffic. It’s buzzing, vibrant and lurid. Things lurk towards you out of dark as your peripheral vision is blinded with neon lights, pedlars and thousands of people all taking part in the chaotic ritual that is Bangkok’s nightlife. Within the first few hours we had been offered a scorpion and a taser for sale as we sat and had a few drinks at some bar. The streets are littered with hundreds of night vendors selling everything you can imagine and more. It really is bonkers place. Jet lagged, pissed and with slight heat exhaustion it was an amazing few days if somewhat blurry in our memory.   


You can buy anything

Rooftop bar

It had to be done